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Our employees are certified IT specialists. It has long been no secret that a small team is much better and more productive than large companies. We work without bureaucracy, our developers are equal. Each of us is a human orchestra, each of us takes part in making a decision.


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For 15 years of work, our studio has been able to launch several hundred sites of various topics and complexity. For the last three years we have been focusing on the quality of each individual solution, created individually for each client. Starwind Software , Yakaboo , Teploradost , TTSWTRS


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Agile is an ideology and a religion, the work is divided into sprints with specific tasks. The efficiency of website development or making edits to a web project is provided at the highest level. This is achievable by using the right methods and techniques to perform complex tasks.


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We are testing our products! At the request of the client, we can involve third parties to test web products, if their qualifications are not lower than ours. We are always confident in the high quality of the work performed. We provide a one-year warranty and support under the contract.

Simplicity Web Studio is a team of certified IT professionals.

Each employee has extensive experience in web development, which gives our studio a great advantage when creating complex, high-load web projects, meeting the needs of any business.

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About us

The activities of our team are based on specialized education, perfectionism and many years of experience working with a wide range of projects.

Our ideology is ease of use of the created products!

Even if the mechanism is incredibly complex inside - we will think about how to simplify the interaction with the client. The program code must be flexible and adaptive. This approach makes it possible to realize all the wishes of the Client!

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