Website for business metal base ALFASTEEL Ukraine.

Successful history Alfastil is a Ukrainian company engaged in metal rolling.

Alphasteel is now a major player in the supply of metal. old site did not satisfy the client with its visual display, the client wanted to change the interface and increase your download speed. The website should work faster than it was before the start of our work, since there is no complex functionality, the resource performs informational tasks, so the site can work quickly.

Success Story.

Alfastil company contacted our studio with the aim of creating a more correct and modern and competitive resource.
After the audit of the site, we proposed, and the client made a decision to develop a completely new site with a modern UI.
To create a new site, WordPress management system was chosen .

SWAT analysis of competitors showed that all similar players have niches, almost the same and not relevant sites. Creation of an advertising campaign in GoogleAds to find new leads. Our task, first of all, was to create a modern and selling design, so that these leads would go to CRM. As well as adaptation for mobile devices, for quick communication with the managers of the Alfastil company. Also, an analysis of the client's business process was carried out, the way to get a lead was derived, conclusions were drawn and a new site interface was developed based on the data. And also basic WordPress optimization was done.

Conclusions for the Client.

As a result of the work done, the Client received an updated UI, derived from the results of SWAT analysis and A / B testing Google Ads.
The sales results that were obtained after the advertising campaign exceeded the indicators of the old site by 3 times.

Tools and technologies.

  • PhP
  • Sass/Scss
  • JS native
  • ACF pro
  • UI/UX design, by photoshop
  • Google Insights
  • Google ADS

Additional chips and buns ...

We also carried out an SEO analysis of the niche, and the report was provided to the client for the possible promotion of his site in the organic search results on Google.
We also offered to implement CRM to create a sales funnel.

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