Website via WP for business SalesUp.

Success Story

The website is powered by CMS WordPress . The owner purchased the theme ( Bridge ) on the ThemeForest site. The site was deployed by other developers long before the start of our cooperation with the customer, and was fine for the customer exactly until the moment when the question of optimizing the site for the correct and efficient operation of the advertising company in the Google search engine was raised. After an independent audit of the site a disappointing result was obtained and the customer began to search for a new contractor to "repair" the site. From that moment our cooperation began.

Our work always begins with that we try to clarify and understand as much as possible of what the client really needs. To begin with, we found out the goals of the SaleUp website - they were simple, they were to receive a lead from an advertising company and then save it to the company's database for further "processing" of the lead by the sales manager.
Since the site sells software for SalesForce CRM, it was important for the project to get search engine ratings higher than most information sites on this topic.

The next priority task was set - "lightening" and optimization of the purchased theme. It should also be noted that the customer missed the moment of purchasing the theme and its license, although it was tied to his domain name, but all the materials of the theme (source scripts and template styles, as well as access to theme updates when updating the CMS itself) were assigned to the email of the previous developer with whom the contact was already lost.

Conclusions for the Client.

A website on Wordpress, although it is a quick tool for opening your own business on the Internet, and also has a set of plugins that turn it into an e-commerce platform, but almost all purchased themes created for it are designed to lure an inexperienced user with a stylish, but empty design , and do not even meet the minimum search engine standards, which entails the impossibility of getting a good grade.
So, when buying a website on WordPress, especially on a freelance site, there is a risk of complicating the promotion of the site in the future and creating only unnecessary unjustified expenses for correcting errors imperceptible at first glance.

As a result, we abandoned the original styles and transferred them to the preprocessor, completely recreating them as SASS. Was removed about 30 thousand lines of unnecessary styling code. All scripts and images have been optimized and their downloads have been moved to the Cloudflare CDN. The version control system was connected, which in the future will allow the client to improve and simplify the maintenance of his site by carefully monitoring the changes made. We also removed all unnecessary functionality, including the plugins that came with the template, and replaced most of them with custom data types using a set of tools provided by ACF PRO.
Those who can change quickly will grow rapidly.
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Tools and technologies.

  • PhP
  • Git (svn)
  • Sass/Scss
  • JS native
  • ACF pro
  • UI/UX design, by photoshop
  • Google Insights
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Google ADS

As a result, we created a lighter theme based on the existing one, removing everything unnecessary and making it easier to edit everything you need. To monitor user behavior on the site, we used Google Ads with custom add-ons via Google Tag Manager. After the work was done, the site performance is estimated at 93 points for PC and 75 for mobile, which is a lot better than things were at the initial start of the project.

Also, the improvements we made allowed us to reduce the further cost of ppc advertising by about 40%, but at the same time, the site remains at the optimal ranking positions against its competitors.

The resource has increased the amount of organic traffic and the number of leads from all over the world, as well as improved performance from the traffic purchased by the Google ADS service.

Additional features...

All requests received from new site users go to SalesForce CRM and are stored exclusively in it. On their basis, a base of potential customers who are interested in software for CRM systems is formed. This approach is fully compliant with DMCA policies.

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