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Success Story

The TTSWTRS brand is known all over the world. It is worn by famous people such as Nicki Minaj, Courtney Kardashian, Irina Sheik, Nina Kravets, Winnie Harlow, Lisa Owen, Tommy Cash, Vera Brezhneva, Ksenia Sobchak and many others.

In this project we had no right to make a mistake, the high bar was set above the usual, with all responsibility our task was not in any case, not to do worse than it was before the start of our work, we had no right to test. Tasks had to be completed from the first time perfectly!

Tasks for the project:
1) Development and integration of notification and distribution system for current and new customers.
2) Development and integration of order tracking system for customers.
3) Changing the UI of the site interface, adding the necessary functionality.

The main difficulty in performing these three tasks was that the store management system was created on the basis of CMS Shopify. What introduced a number of restrictions for the client.

Since the customer was not satisfied with the ready-made solutions on the market for Shopify, there was a need to develop an individual solution for this store.

Conclusions for the Client.

Upon completion, all processes were successfully launched from the first time.
All work took about 11 working days, taking into account code testing for successful integration into the client's working ecosystem.

To run mail distribution and order tracking systems, two web services were developed and launched.
The design of the client's site was redesigned, the necessary functionality was added to display and edit new elements of the site.

Tools and technologies.

  • PhP(Laravel)
  • Sass/Scss
  • UI design, by photoshop
  • Web Server for Email sender & CRM

Developed a system for sending emails, had the ability to easily send up to 1000 emails per day without falling under the spam filters of mail services. Which allowed the client to practice repeated leads more efficiently. And also to store and transfer in CRM by synchronization through Json the data collected by the form of capture of system.

Additional chips and buns ...

The system of tracking the status of orders for customers, was made in the style of the main site, was synchronized with the database of the site and worked directly with the Shopify API, which allowed to create a full-fledged REST Api service.

Our work on updating the design and basic functionality according to statistics, allowed to increase the number of viewed pages, which in total increased site traffic and improved traffic filtering in the right directions for the Client.

Thank you TTSWTRS for your trust.

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