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Landing page turnkey


Development of a turnkey idea and maintenance of a website for a stable flight after Production. The experience of our team allows us to create a competitive product in a short time. Our websites are better than similar free or paid CMS themes like WordPress or OpenCart. Our prices for development services will pleasantly surprise you.

CRM strategies

стратегия создания сайта

Your project will undergo discussion and development of the necessary project documentation, and the documents will include a SWOT analysis. This is the key to success for bringing you to a high level of competition, since all the necessary information will not leave the CRM system.

Comprehensive IT

fullstack разработчики

Our technology stack is backed by years of experience. Taken together, this allows us to provide an integrated approach for any client or project. We use work tools that we don't talk about out loud beyond our office.

Selling sites

landing page сайт

Over the years, we have made sure that almost everything can be sold via the Internet. It doesn't matter You a manufacturer or a retailer. Or your business is b2b or b2c. We will provide you and your business with the right leads from all over the world.

Success Stories

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Landing Page

from $ 550 $ 450 / terms from 7 to 11 days

CMS Wordpress + 1 design option without connecting to CRM, ADS, SEO

Online store

from 2000 $

E-commerce business solution

Individual site

from 3000 $

MVC architecture, integration with CRM

Business card site

From $ 110 / term from 1 to 7 days

Hosting, domain, free CMS (WP, Joomla, DLE, Opencart) to choose from.

Testimonials of clients that ordered a website in our web studio.

online store

опыт разработки сайта

2 years have passed since our acquaintance with your team, I am grateful for the occasion that we found you by chance while searching. Not only have you eliminated old problems in my store, you have really increased my orders. Your changes (edits) to the main design were beneficial, and your landing pages proved that my online store can sell more. Your alternative approach has paid off, thank you, I recommend you as a good team, with respect, Daria.


StarWind Software
US Company

команда разработчиков сайта

We used handes of this team for 2 years, for some custom updates. Well done, thanks simplicity-team for all our team main dev websites. Design works fine. Best Regards for Alex and CO for this good two years. Nikolay. N.


Director of Sales, EMEA & APAC at StarWind

скорость изготовления сайта

We thanks that our Wordpress premium theme, become much more faster after simplicity-team re-build current theme for wordpress, save only necessary things in code. Thanks for good optimizations here my best reviews for you, regards Bogdan Kolomiiets.


Dmitriy Dolgiy Hyper-V, Blogs

качество создания сайта

Hello there! My name is Dmitriy Dolgiy, and I’m the author of this blog. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Institute of Applied System Analysis. I did some machine learning for my Master’s thesis as I believe it to be a really cool thing (you see, I’m a huge fan of science fiction). Thanks team for control and update my WP core. Thanks !


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Information about website
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Creating a site using the Agile methodology, as we do!

Nowadays there are a large number of web developers, it is very difficult to determine which of the methodologies they are using. Basically, the choice of methodology depends on the experience and qualifications of the performer. Without these qualities, the project turns into "chaos" with a lack of formatting and code refactoring.

The result of such actions is a low-quality product with which the customer is forced to change performers every month. This is a typical problem as the market situation is such that there are more people willing to practice than those willing to do high quality work.

It should be noted that very often this situation arises if you take a freelance artist. Where, after the delivery of the project to the customer, as a rule, the client cannot go through the stage of site optimization one hundred percent, which, in turn, entails high advertising costs, since your product is less effective from the point of view of the search engine.

Our specialists use Agile methodology, but if the client's business processes do not allow the use of Agile, then we allow the use of waterfall models.

Creating a RoadMap project.

RoadMap for website development always starts with clarifying the goals of the Client. It is important for us to understand why and for what target audience your web product will be created. We study your niche, put ourselves in the client's shoes and assess the situation from the market point of view.

We create documentation for a web project

After assessing the market situation, the competitive component of the project and its complexity, the project is divided into tasks, a number of time intervals (sprints) and a technical task (TOR) is created for each of the sprints.

Selling design as the basis of the project

The design must have the right architecture and grab the attention of users. The main goal is intuitive use. The latest UI / UX trends will be sustained in development. Design must sell!

Site development start

Programming, digitalization of the client's business processes. At the beginning and at the end of each sprint, you will have a meeting with a scrum master dedicated to your project. Then the site is filled with text and graphic information (content).

Launching a test server to test the product.

If the testing was successful, the UI interface is ready and we got the UX experience - this means that the project logic is ready and it can be launched, and the resource has been tested and possible errors have been eliminated.


Test run of the project where the customer accepts the work, and the quality control department looks for defects. If the need arises, our employees modify and correct the site modules.


Project launch - the project is transferred to the client's servers and launched into the network. This is the beginning of your journey on the Internet! :)


Technical support, setting up a backup system for creating restore points. Resource health support.

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